Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Embeepay - The most awesome way to earn free mobile recharge!

Get free mobile recharge!! Yes, you heard it right, you can easily get your mobile recharge online for free. Just the old concept of completing the offers and earning points. Once you earn points you can redeem them for a free recharge or a Gift Card from Amazon, Groupon, Fadango or Freshgift.

So let's see how it works :-
  1. You must have a Facebook account. If you don't have then go to FACEBOOK and signup for an account.
  2. Go to EMBEEPAY APPLICATION and join EmbeePay on Facebook by entering your operator and mobile number.
  3. Now that you have registered, you can start collecting points to earn free recharge.
Also this offer is working worldwide, so anyone can use this application for mobile recharge. 
             A quick and easy way to get your first recharge :-

  1. Once you open the application in facebook you will already have 50 points awarded for registration.
  2. You can then subscribe for emails and validate your mobile number and get 50 points each for that.
  3. Share the application on your facebook wall and get 20 more points.
  4. Now invite your friends to EmbeePay. For the first 5 friends that you successfully invite to register on EmbeePay, you will get 300 points. Also, you get 1 Embee Point for every 10 Embee Points that your friends(only those who were successfully invited by you) earn.
I have seen many people complaining that they did not receive Embee Points for inviting friends on EmbeePay. It's because they probably opened your invite link but did not register in the application. Also, you have to claim your invite rewards, they are not directly added to your account.

                      HOW TO CLAIM INVITE REWARDS?
(right click on the images and open in a new tab to get a larger view)

Once you have claimed all these initial points you need to go to "Earn" tab to get more points. There are offers like signing up on a website,watching a video, completing a survey or downloading and installing an application which usually you can complete within minutes. After completing an offer, Embee Points are directly transferred to your account.

                                  SOME EXTRA OFFERS
                    (small link above "EmbeePay Special" tab)

                              FEATURED PAYCHECK
    (Under "Home" tab. Some of them are highly paid. Do try them.)

                      HOW TO REDEEM EMBEE POINTS
You can redeem Embee Points for a recharge or you can get a Gift Card. Gift Cards are just next to Mobile Top-Ups tab. Premier Gift Cards can only be redeem by Premier Members.

That's all you need to do to get your mobile recharge for free. Some people say this application is fake, they don't recharge any mobile but this is NOT TRUE. If you follow the instructions carefully you will surely get your recharge. I started using this application just a month back, have recharged my mobile twice and I am just a few points away from a MEGA recharge :D :) 


  1. If you are thinking of earning double points to get a bigger recharge, then wait! I have a better idea. Instead you can get your mobile recharged twice(Please note, second recharge should be within two months). This means that you get a free premier membership(for two months) plus 100 free Embee Points. Isn't it cool!!
  2. Never use any ad-blocking extensions or add-ons as they might prevent you from getting the Embee Points you deserve.
  3. Open your EmbeePay application at least once everyday for latest offers.
  4. Keep checking EmbeePay wall for EmbeeMan puzzles when you are online. It is a game that requires a little talent and skill but you'll never know know how your luck would favor you.
  5. Sharing your link with your friends through chat is a better as you can guide them if they fail to register due to some reason and your experience might come handy.
  6. Keep doing CrowdFlower tasks even if you find them time consuming because they can be continued even after you log out or shut down your computer.
  7. If you use Firefox, uncheck "Tell websites I do not want to be traced" if it's checked.
So guys this is a great opportunity for you to free yourself from your monthly recharge bills and use this application. If you still have any queries, you can visit this link for further details- EMBEEPAY FACEBOOK WALL

                             Embee Mobile - How it works?
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